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My novel entry for National Novel Writing Month 2010 was 'Life and Mates', a 'fictionalised autobiography' that really shouldn't have appeared on any public forum whatsoever.  In many ways it represents, because it actually is, my quickest work if not my best.  Notwithstanding that it should not see the light of day, I did say that I would put it up somewhere for people to read, so without further ado:


by D J Rout


(in alphabetical order)

 Eighteenth Chapter

Eighth Chapter

Eleventh Chapter

Fifteenth Chapter

Fifth Chapter

 First Chapter

Fourteenth Chapter

Fourth Chapter


Nineteenth Chapter

Ninth Chapter

Second Chapter

Seventeenth Chapter

Seventh Chapter

Sixteenth Chapter

Sixth Chapter

Tenth Chapter

Third Chapter

Thirteenth Chapter

Twelfth Chapter

Twentieth Chapter


D J Rout 2010  Portions of this work have never appeared before.  Fortunately for you.  With the exception of certain addresses, Government departments, railway station names and events, this is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to persons other than the copyright holder and the author are definitively coincidental and should not be construed to indicate or prejudice the reputation of any person living, dead, artificial, corporate or hereinafter invented.  The moral right of the author to be identified as the author of this work, and its creation attributed to him, is hereby asserted, though the moral right of the attributed person to produce such a work is questionable.  This book is published subject to the condition that it or portions thereof shall not be reproduced (except in the form of genital tattooing) without the express permission of the author or his literary executors.  Where this provision contravenes local law, well, let's see what the WIPO says about that, hey?  Yes.  As to the genital tattooing, if you reckon you like this thing enough to undergo that sort of treatment, good luck to you.  I won't stand in your way, though I think somebody should.

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